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Born in the Cloud

Our virtual contact center has a powerful backbone.

follow site Innovative solutions require viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Parma innovative technology.

follow site StatesideBPO agents are college educated and passionate about their position.  This level of support is innovative within the Contact Center industry, but requires equally innovative technology solutions to bring our workforce into the fold.  These pillars of our infrastructure create an environment that is much more efficient and secure than most brick and mortar centers.

Omni-channel Contact Center

cialis generico amazon We partner with the largest Cloud-based Telephony Provider in the contact center market place.  This platform is flexible and leverages a stable environment with fast ramp capabilities and the ability to integrate with IVR, Call Handling, and Customer Relationship Management systems.  We have the technology to communicate with your customer base across every current channel in the marketplace.




Social Media

Why did we select our telephony partner?

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Billion Interactions
Contact Center Agents

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

DAAS (Desktop as a Service)

Work in the Cloud

With our DAAS (Desktop as a Service) platform, our virtual agents complete all of their work in the cloud.  These virtual machines sit at our hosted locations which allow for consistency and reliability in connections to tools and telephony.

Very Secure

This technology also allows us to control the view state of the agent’s PC.  A remote agent will be unable to copy and paste outside of the system.  In many implementations, we are also able to blur out sensitive customer data that is not imperative to the handling of a call.

Rapid Deployment

Screen recording, CRM integration, tool access, IPSec Tunnels, etc.  With all of our virtual machines in the cloud, implementing new connections and access controls is rapid and easy to deploy.  We only need to create one image for your team and deploy that same image across all of the agents on your team.

Eliminate Distractions

Our DAAS is a forced, full screen application.  If an agent wants to use their personal email, get on social media, or anything else outside of the specified work environment, the system will log them out and close the access to the associated tools.  Though, we promote a positive work/life balance at StatesideBPO,  focus is the key to delivering high value customer interactions.

side effects of lasix for dog We have a development team that understands the contact center environment.  Bit-Lever is a marriage of flexibility and rapid application development.  Many contact center organizations are starting to utilize large CRM systems that were not designed for the contact center, but are able to change very quickly.  There are other centers that utilize contact center software that is designed specifically for our industry needs, but lacks the flexibility of these other generic systems. Bit-Lever is the combination of these approaches; rapid application development and Contact Center specific design.  We offer dedicated staff to keep up with all your changing needs.

Proprietary Ticketing System

We customize is for your needs

Rapid Application Development

Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

get link We partner with a company that provides reliable customer satisfaction surveys.
With our advanced metrics, up-to-date analytics, and customizable reports, you can hear every customer’s voice and act on it all.